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We are US company The earliest known reference to similar toys is from the short story The Overcoat by Nikolai Gogol, which described a character as having a neck which was "like the neck of plaster cats which wag their heads". Later, larger ceramic figures of animals, ranging in size from about 6 to 8 inches, were produced in Germany. These toys had spring-connected heads, and were called "nodders" or "bobbers" based on the way that their heads would bob on their bodies. The San Francisco Giants baseball team handed out 35,000 free Willie Mays nodders during one of their games, and they were a huge hit among fans and collectors. The Founder of Custombobbleheads.us is a member of the fans and is fortunate to have won one of them. He was also greatly inspired by this, committed to developing customizable bobbleheads. At first, custombobbleheads.us only provided offline services. Provided a large number of customized bobblehead dolls to buyers and companies in need. In recent years, by chance, the founder of custombobbleheads.us bought a custom bobblehead doll online, and learned that many online stores are merchants from China. After nearly a month of transportation journey, He finally received it. However, he was disappointed with the products sold online, poor similarity, long shipping time, and protracted customer service. After this experiencing, custombobbleheads.us decided to launch online sales services.
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About Store

We are professional custom bobbleheads manufacturer integrating design, production, packaging, sales, and service. We mainly produce customized bobbleheads with Polymer clay as raw material. We insists on serving customers and taking customer satisfaction as the goal of all employees. Adhering to the business philosophy of "the factory produces not only products but more importantly, reputation and quality", Continuously absorbing new technologies and introducing skilled artists to make our economic benefits prosperous day by day. We believe the company will never stop exploring and developing and bringing more surprise products to our customers. Our brand is from the United States, custom bobbleheads encourages you to express love to your lover, family, friends, and colleagues. We prepare a wide range of styles & designs of bobbleheads representing different shapes or identities for you to communicate different meanings on different occasions.

Who We Are?

Custombobbleheads.us is a company that provides custom bobbleheads production services. custom bobbleheads, we believe, is more than custom crafts, but is about emotional engagement, beautiful memories, joyful moments.Life has meaning because of all the memories. We are here to help you beautifully keep them within a custom cobblehead.

Our mission

Our mission is Offer the value for money shopping experience for every customer. We are committed to offer our customers across the world a universe of premium quality Custom Products at Value Price.

Our vision

Our vision is create everything with service, change the world with service. Offer caring and cozy customer service for every customer shopping at custombobbleheads.us

Why custombobbleheads.us ?

We design, manufacture, and sell directly to you, meaning we are able to offer you the most affordable prices. Meanwhile, we offer caring customer service, reply to all messages within 1~9h, Not affected by weekends and holidays.

What can i get here?

Top quality materials products; custom bobbleheads with super similarity; customize bobbleheads whatever you want; price match guarantee; caring customer service (Real-time follow-up service); secure payment.

Business model: business to customer

Main business products: custom bobbleheads, gift box

Company establishment time: October 14, 2021

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Email: custombobbleheads.cs@gmail.com

Tel: +1(859) 869-8239

Address: 1942 Broadway St. STE 314C, Boulder, CO, 80302, US

Please text us if we missed your call. We'll reply as soon as possible.

Opening Hours: PST Monday to Saturday: 9am - 10pm Sundays: 10am - 6pm
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