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At, we create custom bobbleheads with super realistic similarity and use the highest quality materials to ensure quality assurance. Our products make unique and suitable gifts for any occasion, and we pride ourselves on providing high satisfaction and considerate customer service. With fast processing time and shipping, customers can receive their products as soon as possible. Unlike our competitors, we offer unlimited free revisions until fully satisfied, provide free samples, and have a large team of skilled artists to ensure exceptional quality. We use Polymer clay, a harmless and durable material with better texture, and offer a price point with the highest cost-performance ratio on the market. Our dedicated customer service team provides fast and professional support, and we take full responsibility for any damages during transportation by offering free redo or refund options." 

The difference between us and our competitors:

Similarity: At, we take pride in creating bobbleheads with super realistic similarities. We use high-quality materials and a team of skilled artists to ensure that every bobblehead looks just like the customer's photo. We offer free samples and unlimited free revisions until fully satisfied, so customers can feel confident that their bobblehead will look just like they want it to.

Customer service: We believe that exceptional customer service is just as important as high-quality products. Our team of customer service professionals to answer any questions or concerns, and we guarantee to respond to any inquiries within 12 hours, even on holidays. We take a patient and considerate approach to customer service, ensuring that every customer feels heard and appreciated.

Price: We understand that price is an important consideration for many customers, which is why we strive to offer the highest cost-performance ratio on the market. Our products have the lowest price for products in markets with similar styles, and we have the great quality for products with the same price. We believe that everyone should be able to afford a custom bobblehead, and we work hard to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

Material: The material we use for our bobbleheads is Polymer clay, a harmless and durable material with better texture than many other materials on the market. We believe that the material a bobblehead is made from can have a big impact on its overall quality and longevity, which is why we choose Polymer clay.

Product quality: We are committed to quality assurance. We carefully inspect every bobblehead before it is shipped to ensure that it meets our exacting standards. If any damages occur during transportation, we take full responsibility and offer free redo or refund options. Our team of skilled artists is dedicated to creating high-quality, long-lasting bobbleheads that customers will cherish for years to come.


Creative design of bobbleheads:

Custom Bobbleheads have become incredibly popular gifts and collectible items over the years, and it's not hard to see why. With their realistic heads design, exaggerated features, and wobbly springs, these charming little dolls are a delight to behold. But what goes into the creative design of a bobblehead doll? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the design inspiration of creating these whimsical figurines.

The creative design process of bobblehead dolls is a combination of artistic skill and technical expertise. The most important step in creating a bobblehead is to decide on the subject. Bobbleheads can be made to look like just about anything, from celebrities and athletes to cartoon characters and animals. Once the subject is chosen, the artist will begin to sketch out the basic design of the doll, taking care to capture the key features and defining characteristics that make the subject unique.

When it comes to designing a bobblehead, there are countless styles and themes to choose from. Some of the most popular styles include:

Occupation: The creative design inspiration for occupation-themed bobbleheads often comes from the tools and equipment associated with the profession. For example, a doctor or nurse bobblehead might feature a stethoscope, while a firefighter bobblehead might feature a helmet and a hose.

Sports: Sports-themed bobbleheads often feature famous athletes or team logos. The creative design inspiration might come from a particular game or season, or from a memorable play or achievement.

Leisure: Bobbleheads with leisure-themed designs often feature hobbies or activities that people enjoy, such as fishing or cycling. The creative design inspiration might come from a particular location or activity, such as a scenic fishing spot, fishing gear or riding action.

Fashion: Fashion-themed bobbleheads can feature miniature versions of designer clothing and accessories, such as handbags and shoes. They can also be designed to reflect different eras and styles, from vintage to modern.

Wedding: Wedding-themed bobbleheads are a popular choice for couples who want to commemorate their special day. These dolls can be designed to look like the bride and groom, complete with miniature versions of their wedding attire.

Couple: Bobbleheads can also be designed to depict couples in love. These dolls can feature two people holding hands, embracing, or kissing.

Graduation season: Graduation-themed bobbleheads are a popular way to celebrate the accomplishments of recent graduates. These dolls can feature the graduate in their cap and gown, holding their diploma.

Music: Music-themed bobbleheads can feature musicians and bands, as well as miniature versions of musical instruments.

We believe that creativity is key when it comes to designing custom bobbleheads. We take pride in offering our customers endless creative options, as well as personalized guidance to ensure that their custom bobbleheads are exactly what they envision. Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique and memorable gift.

Besides, 100% customized bobblehead provide customers with unlimited creative space, allowing them to freely design and customize the shapes, clothing, poses and scenes they want. In addition, we can also provide customers with customized pets, jewelry, accessories and other services to create unique bobblehead dolls for them.

When customers need to customize the bobblehead doll, they can illustrate the shape and clothing they want by providing photos or drawings. For poses and scenes, clients can provide reference images or detailed descriptions to illustrate their ideas. Artists use this information to create prototypes, which are then fed back to clients for review and approval.

During the design process, designers need to consider many factors, such as proportions, details, and mobility. They need to ensure that the appearance of the bobblehead is consistent with the customer's requirements and can be smoothly made in the production process.

But what if a customer is unsure of what they want? Not to worry - we offer design guidance to help customers find the products they want according to their needs. For example, one of our customers wanted to create a bobblehead doll to honor a friend who passed away, we helped him to design a shape with angel wings for the friend, wearing a white robe, as if his friend is watching over him, just like in life.


Eco-friendly Material for custom bobbleheads-- Polymer clay

As more and more people become aware of the importance of environmental protection and low-carbon lifestyles, it is essential to consider the environmental impact of the products we consume. In this context, custom bobbleheads made from polymer clay offer an eco-friendly solution for people who want to enjoy personalized and unique dolls without harming the environment.

Polymer clay is a type of modeling clay that contains a plastic component, which makes it an ideal material for creating durable and long-lasting bobbleheads. Unlike other types of plastic, polymer clay does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins that can harm the environment or human health.

One of the main advantages of polymer clay is that it is non-toxic and does not produce any hazardous waste during the manufacturing process. This means that custom bobbleheads made from polymer clay have a low environmental impact and can be safely disposed of at the end of their useful life.

In addition, polymer clay is a versatile material that can be molded into various shapes and sizes. This makes it ideal for creating custom bobbleheads that reflect the unique personality and style of the customer. Designers can work with customers to create personalized bobbleheads that incorporate specific themes, outfits, poses, and even accessories.

Let's see how polymer clay compares to other materials:

Polymer Clay: As mentioned earlier, polymer clay is a non-toxic material that is safe for the environment and human health. Unlike other plastics, it does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins that can harm the environment or human health.

Resin: Resin is a type of plastic that is commonly used in the production of bobbleheads. While it is durable and long-lasting, resin is not an eco-friendly material. It contains harmful chemicals such as bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates, which can harm the environment and human health. Resin production also generates toxic waste that can pollute the environment.

Plastic: Plastic harms the environment by polluting the oceans and land, releasing toxins into the air, causing health risks through microplastics, and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions

Custom bobbleheads made from polymer clay not only offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution but also promote creativity and individuality. By choosing polymer clay bobbleheads, customers can enjoy unique and personalized dolls that reflect their personal style while reducing their environmental impact.

In conclusion, custom bobbleheads made from polymer clay offer an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for people who want to enjoy personalized and unique dolls. By choosing this material, customers can reduce their environmental impact while still enjoying the creativity and individuality that custom bobbleheads offer.

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